Mount Mary 'Reflexion' Fume Blanc 2015

$47.00 $45.00

Mount Mary needs no introduction, it's the premier winery of the Yarra Valley and in the top echelon of winery's in Australia.  Indeed it was Halliday's Winery of the Year 2018. 

"Mount Mary was one of the foremost pioneers of the rebirth of the Yarra Valley after 50 years without viticultural activity. From the outset they produced wines of rare finesse and purity. Today its star shines brighter than that of any of the 169 producers in the Yarra Valley. The late founder, Dr John Middleton, practised near-obsessive attention to detail long before that phrase slid into oenological vernacular. He relentlessly strove for perfection and all four of the wines in the original Mount Mary portfolio achieved just that (within the context of each vintage). Charming grandson Sam Middleton is equally dedicated." James Halliday

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