Hochkirch Maximus Pinot Noir 2021 ($58.50/6-pack)


John & Jennifer Nagorcka’s family vineyard (20 acres) is part of a larger integrated Demeter certified mixed Biodynamic farm of 700 acres. The vineyard is close planted at  5,000-6000 vines/Ha on a North facing slope, 250m above sea level near Tarrington in southwest Victoria.

A long time favourite for us here at GSW and indeed our biggest selling wine over the years. Despite the sometimes harsh climatic conditions of Henty (South West Vic) this wine never fails to be less than bold. Not Barossa Valley bold, of course, but definitely well fruited for Pinot.

"This is about as close to the ideal biodynamic vineyard as you could imagine: the 8 hectares of unirrigated vines and the winery are just one part of the Nagorcka family’s farm which also produces sheep, pigs and grain. The farm has been biodynamic since 1998: the wines get better with each vintage”. 

So writes Max Allan, wine journalist and co-ordinator of Red, White & Green, a website dedicated to promoting bio-dynamic wines.  In fact, the Hochkirch wines, and in particular the Pinot Noir, have been very good for a number of years, even when the term bio-dynamic usually meant vin ordinaire. 

As always, this is 100% estate fruit, and was sourced from 10- to 30-year-old vines on basalt, gravel and loam soils. 2019 was the last average summer before a string of cool vintages, a solid year with a healthy-sized crop and good ripeness levels. 

“It’s kind of understated but also offers layers and layers of complexity. Symphonic. Scents are sweet fruited, spicy, herbal, faintly meaty and nutty, flavours similarly so with fine tannins in a sheath lending gentle pucker and tension. It sits in the palate with ultimate palate-refreshing succulence, persistence and detail. Magnificent wine that topples the standard bearers, this is the real deal, honest, pure, fleshy and rich with the grape variety’s best attributes on show.” 96pts | Mike Bennie | Wine Front

Certified Biodynamic & Organic Farming

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