Fighting Gully Road 'Smith's Vineyard' Black Label Chardonnay 2021

In 2009 Mark penned a long term lease of the acclaimed Smiths vineyard. The oldest in the Beechworth region, the Chardonnay vines were 41 years old in the 2019 vintage. The season was regarded as excellent coming on the top of a string of other highly regarded vintages following from 2012. The vines produce low yields of concentrated fruit, with natural intensity not found elsewhere.

Very limited production – 1,200 bottles

No insecticides are used and fungicide selection is careful made to protect predatory mites and other beneficial insects. Soil structure is maintained through minimal application of herbicide; soil cultivation is not practiced. The inter-row is sown to a permanent sward of grasses and legumes, which are seasonally slashed and thrown onto the ground immediately under the vine, to preserve moisture and increase organic matter. Vine prunings are mulched back into the ground to degrade naturally. 

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