Hochkirch 'Tarrington' Pinot Noir 2021


John & Jennifer Nagorcka’s family vineyard (20 acres) is part of a larger integrated Demeter certified mixed Biodynamic farm of 700 acres. The vineyard is close planted at  5,000-6000 vines/Ha on a North facing slope, 250m above sea level near Tarrington in southwest Victoria.

"This is about as close to the ideal biodynamic vineyard as you could imagine: the 8 hectares of unirrigated vines and the winery are just one part of the Nagorcka family’s farm which also produces sheep, pigs and grain. The farm has been biodynamic since 1998: the wines get better with each vintage”. 

So writes Max Allan, wine journalist and co-ordinator of Red, White & Green, a website dedicated to promoting bio-dynamic wines.  In fact, the Hochkirch wines, and in particular the Pinot Noir, have been very good for a number of years, even when the term bio-dynamic usually meant vin ordinaire. 

Certified Biodynamic & Organic Farming

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