Frankland Estate 'Estate' Shiraz 2021


In a 1955 study of potential grapegrowing sites, renowned Californian viticulturalist Dr Harold Olmo identified Frankland River as one of the most promising prospects in Australia. The wines of Frankland Estate prove he was right. They display finesse and balance and an incisive expression of cool-climate winegrowing.

Founded by Judi Cullam and Barrie Smith, this is indisputably one of the nation's most important and consistent Riesling producers. For many years now the release of the single-vineyard Rieslings from this domain in far-flung Great Southern has commanded attention and respect, as attested to by Nick Stock’s observation that Isolation Ridge Riesling "has now become so consistently great, it is a liquid tribute to the dedication of the Cullam family, to their vineyard and winemaking".

Certified Organic

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