Chalmers 'Bush Vine' Inzolia 2022


The bush-vine site was established in 2017 at the heart of the family operation in the Murray Darling region in Merbein, northwest Victoria. It was developed organically with composted cow manure and continues to be managed with no herbicides or pesticides.

This is a big deal. Chalmers has established a bush vine vineyard in the Murray Darling region of Victoria, and planted it to heat tolerant varieties (Inzolia and Negroamaro), with the intention of drastically reducing water consumption. It has to be remembered that this region is one of the hottest wine-growing regions in the world, and that the average water usage for wine production here is 6 megalitres per hectare of vineyard. This Inzola (and Negroamaro) has averaged 0.5 – 1.6 megalitres per hectare in its short life, a dramatic reduction in anyone’s language. If this venture works, it could inspire a drastic re-shaping of a major/important Australian wine region.

It’s a bit exciting, really, as a story. But the wine itself is better again.

"Outstanding intensity of flavour. This really does make a statement. Brine, nectarine, mineral, slate, nuts and florals. Sherry-like aspects, and honeyed notes too, but simultaneously fresh and floral, not to mention lengthy. This is absolutely out of the ordinary." 95pts | Campbell Mattinson | Halliday Wine Companion

Organic Principles | Fully Certified with Sustainable Wine Growing Australia

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