Coates 'The Grenache' 2021


Duane Coates is, by his own admission, a 'heart over head' winemaker. Inclined to make wine from almost any interesting parcel of fruit made available to him, he tends to make accountants wince. For Duane, making great wine is not about business decisions; it’s about curiosity, passion, and a little bit of folly.

Duane Coates was awarded his MW in 2020, a culmination of 18 years work for this ultimate recognition in wine. His broad knowledge and deep understanding of wines from across the world informed his no-compromise approach to crafting wines that blend the best in Australian and European winemaking styles. He continually builds bridges between the fruit-driven Australian styles and the savoury, complex wines of the Old-World.

I would agree with Erin Larkin's note below. Bags of class, cabernet-like structure with straight lines and confident restraint. There's a lot of super-smart grenache getting around at the minute but this is top of the pile for mine.

"This is just awesome. I usually taste and write at the same time, but here with this wine, I tasted it and then tasted it again. I didn't write a thing initially—I was more focused on just taking it in. This 2021 The Grenache, McLaren Vale is fine-tuned: shavings of deli meat, layers of star anise, raspberry pip, rhubarb, blood and iodine, graphite and red apples. It is a concentrated wine of both gravitas and joy, too. There is something that has really got me hanging in on the finish—dates or nutmeg spice... or something spicy. It's intriguing. A wine of poise and focus. Tannins are a highlight." 97pts | Erin Larkin | Wine Advocate

Vegan Friendly

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