Chalmers 'Dott' Ribolla Gialla 2021


The Chalmers family was justly named 2014 Viticulturist of the Year by Gourmet Traveller WINE. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has made them a pivotal force in the Australian wine scene for more than 20 years. Bruce and Jenni began growing grapes in the 1980s, with their vineyard at Euston developing into one the largest and most diverse privately owned vineyards in the country.

Dott. is handmade by Chalmers from estate-grown fruit. Inspired by the late Dr. Rod Bonfiglioli a passionate, eccentric scientist whose dogged determination and visionary foresight brought so much colour, interest and integrity to Australian wine. He sought out these rare grapes for Chalmers, seeing their promise long before anyone else. 

Ribolla Gialla, or Ribuele as it is now known in Italy, hails from Friuli. It’s the basis of now iconic cult wines coming from the area along the Slovenian border where it is often made on skins and sometimes in Amphorae by winemakers who’ve inspired the recent growth of the natural wine movement. In other parts of Friuli it’s made as a crisp, clean and somewhat aromatic white wine along with, more recently, sparkling wines – piggy-backing on the success of neighbouring Veneto’s Prosecco.

Vegan friendly

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