Chalmers 'Dott' Malvasia Istriana 2022


The Chalmers family was justly named 2014 Viticulturist of the Year by Gourmet Traveller WINE. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has made them a pivotal force in the Australian wine scene for more than 20 years. Bruce and Jenni began growing grapes in the 1980s, with their vineyard at Euston developing into one the largest and most diverse privately owned vineyards in the country.

Dott. is handmade by Chalmers from estate-grown fruit. Inspired by the late Dr. Rod Bonfiglioli a passionate, eccentric scientist whose dogged determination and visionary foresight brought so much colour, interest and integrity to Australian wine. He sought out these rare grapes for Chalmers, seeing their promise long before anyone else. 

Considered the finest quality member of the vast Malvasia family, Malvasia Istriana hails from Friuli where it makes fine, elegant, aromatic and mineral driven wines. It is mainly grown on clay/lime soils at low elevation in Friuli but it is said to produce the best results in the free draining gravelly plains of Friuli Grave or on harder hillside sites where the variety’s natural vigour is tamed.

Chalmers introduced a selection of Malvasia Istriana to Australia in the late 1990s. The first table wine was made from this clone in 2005, then a passito dessert wine in 2009 called Aurora. After more encouraging results from the grape in the 2013 #bucketwine project, Chalmers decided to plant it at Heathcote, designated the Rod Bonfiglioli block which features six North Eastern Italian varieties.

Vegan friendly

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