Alkimi 'Wild Dreams' Syrah Marsanne 2023 (Preservative Free)


Stuart Dudine settled in the Yarra Valley in 2012 after years of study and travel that took him from cellars here in Australia to wineries through Europe. The experience he gained on his journey sparked his love for Rhone varietals and formed his winemaking philosophy, based in ‘basic principles’ that aim to enhance the natural characteristics of wine with minimal intervention.

In 2014, he established Alkimi Wines- a name derived from the phonetic spelling of alchemy - a word that Stuart feels encapsulates the ‘magic’ that it takes to create wine, a combination of science, nature, and intuition. He saw opportunity in the evolving climate to branch out from the typical Yarra Valley varietals and craft a range of wines that showcase his passion and enthusiasm for the Rhone Valley.

At Alkimi, Stuart employs biological farming, minimal use of sulphur and embraces natural acidity and yeast to create wines that establish a sense of place and value for the quality and purity of the grapes from which they are produced. 

The best 'PF' wine we've tried in the past 12 months!

Syrah grown on nutrient rich, deep friable red soils (weathered volcanic basalt high in free iron oxide) which are acidic and well-draining. The wine was handpicked and wholebunch fermented for 16 days. The Marsanne component, (which is the same wine as the classic Marsanne) is blended in as juice (5%) prior to fermentation. Matured for 7 months on full lees where primary and malolactic fermentations were both conducted naturally. No additions (including no sulphur dioxide) were made, no filtration was conducted and the wine was made without any ‘modern’ technological inputs.


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